The discoverer of "ivermectin"-Dr. Satoshi Omura,

Dr. Satoshi Omura, the discoverer of “ivermectin”, complains that “special approval should be given”.

(Weekly Shincho, March 11, 2021)

“There are no serious side effects …”

Domestic vaccination has begun, but at the same time therapeutic agents will be important. “Ivermectin” discovered by Dr. Satoshi Omura, who won the Nobel Prize, has been reported to have remarkable effects from all over the world, and Dr. Omura himself appeals that special approval should be given.

"Clinical trials take time, but because of the abundance of overseas data, it may not be necessary to conduct clinical trials in Japan. Experts have given numbers and announced that they are working. Therefore, I would like you to approve the special approval with that. If you do not use it here, what is the special approval system for? Some people will die if they are waiting for a clinical trial. "

It is none other than Dr. Omura who complains so, and explains ivermectin.

"The original substance called evermectin was discovered in the microorganisms isolated from the soil collected near the golf course in Kawana, Izu, and brought back to the laboratory. The microorganisms cultivated for evermectin all over the world are If you trace the origin, it was taken from this soil. I was involved in the area where it works for nematodes, and after that, many overseas researchers have announced that it works for viruses and cancer. It’s no wonder why the drug is a virus, but it’s no wonder that Ibermectin is classified as a macrolide antibiotic, and this family of drugs often has second and third effects, such as colds. Erythromycin, which is prescribed in Izu, is also a macrolide antibiotic, but it has the same effect as motilin, a hormone that helps digestion, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect and is effective for asthma. The reason why this medicine is distributed in Africa not by doctors and nurses but mainly by volunteers is that there is no danger. People weighing 50 to 60 kg can take 3 to 4 3 mg tablets. Well, it’s amazing that this small amount works. "

I can’t find any treatises that say it doesn’t work

The action of ivermectin on the new corona,

"It has been announced that it not only suppresses the growth of the virus, but also works on the body to suppress inflammation when infected with the virus, and also has the effect of activating the function of killing the virus by the immune system. The paper was withdrawn due to a mistake by an information provider, and some people questioned its effectiveness. However, in reality, there are no papers that say that the virus does not work for the new corona. In Peru. The mortality rate in the states that gave the virus was steadily decreasing, but it did not decrease in the state that did not take it, and if the president saved the replacement, the mortality rate increased in the state that was taking the virus. It has also been reported. "

Effective in preventing infection and reducing symptoms

Professor of Kitasato University, Director of Infection Control Research Center, Satoshi Omura Memorial Research Institute, and Representative of COVID-19 Countermeasures Kitasato Project, who participated in the meeting with Dr. Omura, Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki and Vice Chairman of Toru Tsunoda. Hideaki Hanaki

“Chairman Ozaki was studying the mechanism of action of ivermectin very well. He kindly agreed to cooperate with the clinical trial under the guidance of Professor Kunihiro Yamaoka, who participated with us.”

And explains the effect of ivermectin as follows.

"It blocks the binding of the virus to the cells, and even if the virus enters the body, it blocks the replication of the virus. It is called importin, which carries the protein of the virus into the nucleus. This is because it inhibits the action of transport substances. It cannot replicate because viral proteins cannot enter the nucleus. These two mechanisms of action are effective in both infection prevention and symptom relief. "

Ivermectin in Peru - results that save lives

Dr David Scheim explains how the original analysis factored out confounders and showed a 74% reduction in deaths at 30 days as a result of intensive ivermectin distribution.