LAWMAKER in Philippines Start giving IVERMECTIN to his constituents

The statement by Health Partylist Congressman Michael Tan Defensor. Together with Malayang Quezon City, we will take the lead in ELIMINATING COVID IN KYUSI while there is no vaccine. WE ANSWER CONG.MIKE DEFENSOR TO IVERMECTIN WHILE THE VACCINE IS NOT YET.

Priority will be given to the sick, senior citizens while the supply of IVERMECTIN is still limited.

Send a PRIVATE MESSAGE on our facebook page to get the complete details to get IVERMECTIN.

Statement by Health Partylist Congressman Mike Defensor.

My OFFICE will launch a program where our compatriots in QUEZON CITY will have “access” to the drug IVERMECTIN. This is OUR FREE DISTRIBUTION to those most in need and there will be priority in distributing it to our compatriots in the CITY. Those who are SICK, especially our SENIOR CITIZENS, are our PRIORITY. After that, we will RESPOND to any request for IVERMECTIN. If possible, please PRIVATE MESSAGE on this page so that we know the number of people in need and PRIORITIZE you in the distribution. We are sorry that the production of IVERMECTIN is not enough so far so we need to adjust its DISTRIBUTION.

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LAWMAKER is now on the hot seat because of giving IVERMECTIN but still insist that this is SAFE!!! And must give to people right aways since the cases is increasing now!

FDA still warned people using Ivermectin since he said the medical study is not yet done.